DLRS have recently been awarded Top Supplier by Geoban UK at an award ceremony held in Milton Keynes on 21 March 2013.

This award is in recognition of DLRS (NI) Ltd and its staff for excellent service, consistently exceeding customer expectations and delivering on customer needs.

This is DLRS’s second award in as many years for our production and management of personalised security printed cheque books and giros for the bank’s UK customers.

Mr Julian Myers, Director of Logistics at Santander said “The account is managed very professionally with excellent operational and management support. We would like to acknowledge the commitment demonstrated on a day to day basis to resolve any issues that arise to minimise impact to our business. It is a great achievement for DLRS to be awarded a top performing supplier accreditation two years in a row and to actually top the table in 2012. Santander looks forward to working together to improve the service further in 2013 and beyond. ”

DLRS continue to work on behalf of customers like Santander across government and financial institutions to find effective ways of meeting the challenges of cost reduction, delivery of service excellence while also being under the spectre of counterfeit and fraud.

DLRS are committed to being the best we can be for our customers to assist and guide them and continually innovate on their behalf.

Some photos of an excellent evening hosted by Mr Alvaro Paz and Mr Julian Myers of Geoban UK on behalf of Santander.

Alvaro Paz, Director General, Geoban UK and Peter Thomas, General Manager DLRS (NI)

Tom O’Mahony, Managing Director, DLRS Ltd, Doug Martin, Geoban UK, Jan Culshaw, Geoban UK and Peter Thomas, General Manager DLRS (NI)