Press Release January 2013

Press Release January 2013

Thermochromic Ink Technology

DLRS are delighted to announce that Danske Bank have incorporated Thermochromic Ink Technology into their cheque books as part of their rebrand and subsequent security design upgrade.

This feature is a new and improved formula from Luminescence. It is a tri-Thermochromic ink, operating at 35 degrees and 25 degrees respectively.

The ink appears Grey in dormant state and changes to Green then Yellow once in contact with a heat source.  It returns to its original Grey colour once it cools down.

This feature is extremely effective in determining and validating the genuine nature of a document. It doesn’t need any laboratory equipment, it requires only the simple application of heat.

Reaction in the market place has been very positive. DLRS continue to work with innovative technical partners to find ways to combat Counterfeit and Fraud.

If you require any further information on this feature or the work DLRS is doing to combat counterfeit and fraud please feel free to contact us.