Biometric Card Services is a digital security company and part of DLRS Group Ltd. At BCS we provide Secure Technology Solutions, Digital Identity and Transport keys in the production of polycarbonate and PVC cards.

Operating from a highly secure environment, BCS is a specialist in the design, personalisation and mailing of cards.

What we do

  • Application Import
  • Application Validation
  • Image Conversion
  • Production Unit Generation
  • Production Unit Allocation
  • Laser Engraving and Chip Encoding (contact & contactless cards)
  • Mag Stripe Encoding
  • Highly controlled mailing systems
  • Pin Mailing
  • Helpdesk

All of these systems are controlled through a state of the art Production Management system


    Cards issued from vault.

    Cards transported through circle-lock into BCS production area.

    Cards placed into mini vault within BCS for subsequent issue.

    Note: all doors protected by high security contactless access control system.


    PMS production management system. Manages customer request , process & distribution

    Data card mx 6000 laser engraving and card encoding

    Bowe mailing system attaches card to letter verifies via video verification & chip reader


    Scan parcel at post station